Kittens Meet Puppies For The First Time

I love how the puppies know they have to play gentler with their kitty friends than they do with their other puppy friendspro tip: don’t watch this when you’re on you’re period. currently sitting in bed crying my eyes out because these creatures are so adorable.I love how the puppies are petting the kittys 😂The first kitten to come out of the crate was the bravest little kitten there ever wasI wanna see these cuties meet up agaaain, its been 5 years now, imagine how adorable this reunion would be, unless one mauls the other We’ve got to admit, this is too adorable for any of us to handle.😺🐶This is so funny but yet so cute seeing them all pranse about with their cute little paws 😍😍🐈🐕Kitties are all like “hey you’re cute”, and then the puppies go “youre cute too” and then the kitties go “I HAVE A BOYFRIEND” 🙃😂From the first time they opened the cage, you can see that cats are more curious and brave while dogs are quite timid but adapting easily and friendly.I’ve bottle fed several orphan kittens out, and fostered them til they could be adopted…in addition with having some of them that were my own. One of the things I absolutely love about kittens is that no matter the disparity in size btwn you and them, the greater in size you are, the more that kitten thinks he or she could totally take you, lol. I miss having those little spitfires around.That’s the sweetest thing I have ever seen 😍😍😍🥰. Both of the puppies and kittens are soooo cuteNobody including kittens and puppies are born to dislike each other. They’re all so happy and adorable 🥰This was 6 years ago. I wonder where they all are now 🐱🐶❤I just love how the doggos were petting the kitties 🥰🥰🥰I died because of this max level of cuteness 💀 the meow in the end though 😍🐶🐱

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