How did kitten Kiki first meet the tiny chicks? Incredible Response

Aww this kitten is so tiny even it’s little legs hardly stretch beyond it’s body 🥹🥰😍It’s so sweet seeing moments like this! Babies of different species getting along like this is really something!they spread a sense of peace, very entertaining watching them, they are cute creatures 😂❤❤The way the kitten was trying to make the chicks pet/play with him was the most wholesome thing everToo cute and funny to see their interactions. Kiki is very interested to the chicks’ feet😆 So funny how at the end, it looked like the novelty had worn off for Kiki, and she seemed to be trying to keep from falling asleep! But earlier, when she was lying down and the chicks kept going around her head, I was getting nervous that one of them might start to peck at her eyes! If I’d been in the room at that moment, I think I might’ve intervened. Was relieved that didn’t happen – too cute☺️It’s always nice to see the beautiful meeting between adorable little Kiki and tiny chicks. Their cuteness and innocence steal your soul 🤗👼💙🐈♥️🐤💖🐤💕🥰🐾This kind of video is so comforting. Ease my stress, even for an hour or two only. It helps. Thank you 🙏Kiki played with the chicks so much fun, so cute 😻😻💞👍Kikusia jaka grzeczna patrzy na malutkie kurczatka😺😊😺 The cat says,” Look at them crazy feet on them chicks!” I keep re watching this, it is perfect to feed my soul.Watching this every single second of this video makes my stress blasted away 😀Kiki is such a healthy kitty. I care for a bunch of cats but they are feral and I can’t keep them as healthy as I want it is so enjoyable to watch Kiki and adventure with the chicks.Kiki is way too adorable… Cuteness overload 😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗Kiki’s fascination with the chicks is adorable ! And they are in love with her as well ! It goes against everything in nature , but that’s because Kiki is so special !

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