Family brings home a blind cat. And he keeps surprise attacking everyone.

You have done a truly brilliant thing in taking on Rudy because every animal deserves love but not everyone gives it too them because they want a ‘perfect ‘ designer dog or expensive pedigree cat. It’s unbelievable how he finds his surroundings. Really sorry to hear about Moby- such a lovely dog. What an animal family you have.I live with my daughter who has 4 cats. Two have no physical disabilities, one was born with dwarfism, essentially born blind, the fourth was rescued from the streets by a local law enforcement officer. He had a sever upper respiratory infection and both eyes infected. One eye had be be surgically removed, the other is badly scared but allows him to see a little bit. When I saw him at the shelter, I told the officer that my daughter was going to want him. The next day she adopted him. We thought we were helping him, we didn’t know we needed him. He has blessed us so very much!!It’s remarkable to see how well Rudy functions without sight. Imagine losing a game of hide-and-go-seek to a BLIND cat! He’s a joy to watch.Normally I cry when I see these vids about disabled pets finding their perfect home, but this kitty is a master of adaptation and I’m just so happy for him! Cats are so well suited to a life without sight. Their super hearing and super smell and super spacial awareness and super fast and precise footwork make it so that they can function extremely well without their eyes where we would struggle. This is so incredible. Neuroplasticity is a hell of a drug!I adopted a blind dog last year and the joke is “I think she’s faking this whole blind thing” 😂 cuz she gets around so well even in new places and does things to make think “how in the world?!”. They really do have so much to offer and quality of life. ❤

German Shepherd Puppy Reacts to Baby Kittens

I just love German shepherd puppy ears. They come into the world with adult sized ears!!! How incredibly cute is this little pup!! 😍 The development of German Shepherd puppies ears is fascinating. It’s fascinating that the puppy’s first reaction is to sniff and then groom them! If that’s a girl German Shepard, she’s got amazingly strong maternal instincts! And it’s great that the puppy seems so very willing to consider the kittens as ‘part of the family’! P.S. – of course the kittens are so cute, but the puppy is so good-looking, too! A Joy to see how gently she manoeuvres around her tiny cargo ✨🐾🐾 How breathtaking watching Jessica and tiny kitten’s. The expression on Jessica’s face is priceless watching her with the little one’s. Jessica looks like a small Wolf. She is really Beautiful. The Kittens are, of course, the sweetiest things. 💛 Puppy Jessica is STUNNING! She must be wondering who are these precious, squirming fluffy non-canine creatures, yet she treats them with care! Her behavior speaks volumes! 💕😻🐶😇 Ohhhh, Jesse’s ears are almost standing up straight. She’s growing so fast! ❤️🥰💕❤️🥰💕 Aww 😍 To the pup, these kittens look either like exciting new friends or like moving squeaky toys 😅🤣 Either way, she’s like “When can I play with them? I can’t wait!” Sooo cute! 💕 Jessie is adorable. I’m sure she’ll learn quickly that she needs to be gentle and careful with the kittens. Just like her big lovable brothers Bailey, Rocky and Teddy. I trust you 👍❤🐾

Food Preparation + Siberian Husky 10 Week Care

I am seriously impressed by how well trained they are at just 10 weeks of age. I love how well trained they are at a young age . Nice I could never get my husky to be as obedient as these cuties Beautiful puppies – any possibility of each one having his own bowl? And more refills? My favorite breed of dog – so gentle & empathetic! That’s made the new owners job for these lovely puppy’s a whole lot easier to get them trained, it’s amazing he’s got these lovely young pups to wait before they can eat and this is what you call a very responsible dog owner /breeder and I would not hesitate to buy a puppy from this owner How did you train those puppies when to eat? And even when to go out? So obedient and well-behaved 😭 So cute and well trained. They sit and wait for daddy to give the go ahead and dig in❤️😄 The white /black puppy with blue eyes in the end of the video is very cute. It’s like waiting politely for some more food 😂 I like it, husky puppies area lot of work. I love how well trained they are already I’m impressed. Too bad there’s no video showing how this was accomplished. Beautiful pups too. Wow! How do you train them all to be so obedient ?! I’m actually in awe. I have one husky and it’s hard 🤦🏼‍♀️ then again I just took him in and he’s past a year, but still I don’t get how you can train so many PUPPIES all at once?! What a great looking group of puppies. Good job. Just beautiful and man I love those faces. They’re going to be lookers They are adorable well behaved fur babies. Just love them a whole lot🌝. You need a bowl for each precious pup Beautiful pups, especially the one at the end of the video with the blue eyes – they look well fed & healthy – I have 2 choc labs, 10 yrs old ( siblings), I feed them twice a day w grain gluten free dry dog food & mix in homemade cooked Veges – they’re very healthy & active – and well loved like yours❤️❤️❤️ They should all have their own bowl . They are gorgeous little puppies 💖🐶💖🐶💖 Thanks for sharing. We love animals and most of all we are dog moms/dads so we care. Hope our comments help you. I know it’s hard to take care of many precious pups but you’re doing a great job raising them. Few details change would make us smile. They are like babies, and we treasure them as much as you do. I love my 16 mo Labradoodle as much as I love my children. The only differ is I refuse to put him in a stroller or purse lol. My fluffy boy Tofu He has own bowl cleaned every day and own towel, I clean his face each morning and brush his teeth once a week. They do appreciate our love and care. Dogs are very intelligent

The World’s Strongest Dog Breed Gorgeous in any weather

Transmontano Shepard from Portugal are stronger than many of this list Hey you got the Illyrian shepherds name right😃 German Shepherd and Cane Corso is My Favourite Dog Have you only moved your old videos to this channel? Is this the new ViralBe? Good videos btw. My uncle has a German Shepherd Where is the bulgarian shepherd dog You know this channel is very poor in information when they put a terrier has one of the strongest breeds when you have enormous mastiffs in countries like Spain or Portugal:spanish mastiff ,portuguese mastiff,cão de gado Transmontano,cão serra da estrela Bull terrier nah boxer Belgian malinois nah Saint Bernard Doberman nah Great Dane ilirian shepared dog are bulgarian an serbian shepherd

10 Dog Breeds Perfect for the Country

Some dogs are made for long days spent working in the fields, hiking, or jogging in a spacious backyard. If you’re a country mouse looking for the right puppy to fit your lifestyle, consider one of these ten breeds considered perfect for rural living. 10. Labrador dog 9. Pembroke Welsh Corgi 8. Pastor Russell Terrier 7. Bluetick Coonhound 6. Australian Shepherd 5. Border Collieries 4. Shorthaired German Pointer 🐕🦮🐕‍🦺

Our First Book ‘What I Love About You’ A Tale Of Difference. Grab Yours Now!

I love you all, but Philly has stolen my heart. If he only knew just how special he is and how thought of he is unconditionally around the world. All the best from the USA and here in Arizona. I cried at the dedication for Amelia. All kids deserve to be loved like this 💜 She’s gonna love this channel when she’s older 🥺 Phil is my Angel, he stole my heart the 1st time I saw him, 4yrs ago, I’ve been hooked by him and my heart has been stolen forever. Best wishes to you all and to my sweet Philly Bear who I love and adore. TYFS♥️💫✨👼🏻✨💫♥️🐾🐾 Oh my gosh. You bring tears to my eyes. I know what it’s like to be different because I stuttered severely most of my life. I don’t anymore, but I have trouble letting go of feelings that most of my life was ruined in my beautiful and younger years of life because of hiding from people because of stuttering. I couldn’t even get into the career that I wanted because of stuttering. I love animals more than people as a result of that because I never stuttered around animals. They don’t judge. They don’t look at you like you are weird. All they do is love you unconditionally no matter how “different” you are. Some people think it’s a big negative to love animals more then people, but I consider it a blessing. You guys are beautiful people through and through and Amelia and the new baby are very lucky to be growing up with you as their guides to teach them true love and to be nonjudgmental of any animal or person who is “different”. Your furry babies are so lucky to be loved by you so much. I see Phil as being more beautiful than ever now. Thank you. For that reason, I’m going to order your book. Kudos to you all, and best wishes from Cape Coral, Florida. ❤

The Best Year Of Our Lives! Baby And Puppy Growing Up Together! (Cutest Ever!!)

I just love how at the beginning the puppy was just like I have me a playmate! ❤️😁 so sweet just love it Teddy is especially cute dog. And he grows up and still seemed to maintain that puppy fluff. How adorbs. Also now I know who Mia looks after—her dad. Great family guys! Take care This is adorable and wholesome,I love how gentle the puppy is with the baby, an adorable sight to lo and behold . So cute! The greatest gift you’ve given your child is to raise them with animals. Animals teach kids love, care, loyalty and so much more. It’s so lovely to see these huge dogs guard and care for your baby. How amazing dogs are if you raise them with love. I would love to see these babies keep growing up together 💕😇 I think it’s such a wonderful scene. When I see Ted is growing bigger more faster than Mia it feels like Ted is gonna protect Mia(?) from anything. It’s like Ted talking to Mia ‘Don’t you worry. I’m always here for you’ It’s so touching. I love it🐕🥺😍 I love the way the puppy is ever excited! The two are really cute🥰 Im 60, my dad bought me a labradore pup when i was around the same age..she protected me like a angel when i grew up.i was around 16 when she past away, i was devestated and i still think about her every day. It looks like that little girl and ted will share a great time..I tbrought a little tear to my eyes…soppy old git that i to you all.. I never see this type bond my eyes are overwhelmed ..I love animals ❤️ This just has to be the no.1 video you’ve made so far. Its just the most precious video. I’m a sucker for babies, toddlers and puppies any way.

Giant Sulking Dog Hates Bath Time Throws Tantrum And Does Everything To Avoid It!! (CUTEST DOG EVER)

The way Phil leaned his face on the wall is priceless 😂 Poor Phil ! I absolutely love how he is hiding, and pretending to be a statue. He’s so adorable and precious ❤️.I am so sorry for the both of you every time that Phil needs a bath it takes forever to get him into the bath.. Phil’s reaction is so darn adorable, cute and precious ❤️❤️❤️.I Love Phil so much ❤️❤️❤️ As a former owner of a100 lb + malamute ( lapdog so she thought) I feel you pain.These are some of the smartest & most STUBBORN dogs ever. How can you not love Phil for being true to his breed.💕💕 ps start feeding him his meals in the empty tub so he associates the tub with good things instead of dreadful memories. Good luck! I love how he faces the wall , sticks his nose in the corner & puts out his paw ..he is too much! 😂😂😂aww, I love Phil ! ❤️🐾I like the concerned look on Milo’s face. He senses something is not quite right with all of this. I am going back and looking at your older videos starring Phil, “The malamute who hates baths.” He looks like a stuffed Winnie the pooh bear. His expressions are priceless! Phil wants his privacy , not going in the bath with everyone watching and YouTuber too 😂The cats sniggering 🤭 WOWWW, he does his best to avoid the bath, LOL! The sulking face he makes in the process is amazing, LOL! He’s got so much personality! You just have to love him! 😍😍😍❤❤❤ Amelia is observing to make sure her carpet doesn’t get any dirtier 😆 Just realized Amelia is a little bitty toddler here! Second video I’m watching. Phil, Milo, and Amelia have a new subscriber! What a giant baby 🤣 The reason Phil hates it so is that he knows he can’t get out easily either. My Maxie was exactly the same!!! I cannot believe the similarities between these two. ❤️ I think malamutes are super cute but Phil has that something extra special. Even his alopecia makes him super cuter. 🥰

They feel as if someone new has come to our family.💖🐶👼😻💗

I think Niko was looking for a treat for a split second. What a beautiful family you have. I’m happy for Phil, Niko, and Milo. They are going to love that baby so much. What happy times these are for your whole family. Enjoy! Haha this was sooo sweet . I think Phil was looking for some lint cookie in the belly button . 😂 Mama looks beautiful and its nice to hear Shane talk a little more and that he is excited for his baby to come . 💚 I love the way the parents also baby their pets. This video helps cure my depression! I wish for a happy & healthy baby for you & the puppy crew! Just precious how Phil loves Baby Bump Matthews and Nikon & Milo stay close to Mum too.💞 That was too adorable..kisses and love to you delivery when the time come Emma🙏😘😘😘😘😘🙌 Philly Phil is So Sweet , Smart n Cute 🐕💙Niko is Cute n Milo is Fluffy Cat They are going to ❤️ the Baby 😻 That little baby will have one of the best fur families around. 🐾❤️ I can’t yet determine if the baby is going to be acting like a dog or a cat. Fur babies are going to try to influence the learning process 😆😗❤️ Phil is so careful around her and the baby. He knows and he does what he can to be safe for them both. I like that. The fur babies are watching over the baby. But I think Phil really is going to be really close to the baby.

Bernese Mountain Dog and Kittens Become Friends

This dog is beautiful and yet he becomes even more when he plays with little kittens. Just watch his broad and happy smile when he is with them. Just very desirable dog for other pets and it also looks very bright and intelligent. Truly great dog Too darn cute…I smiled thru the whole video. Much love to all of you. ❤️❤️ Awesome seeing Teddy again and with his special kitten 🐱 friendship is so beautiful.How adorable snuggle time’s together it show’s the love ❤️ they have for each other.😻🐶🐱😺🐶😻😸 I like how Teddy is breathing heavy next to Simon’s muzzle and Simon’s head goes up and down as a result. Feel good vibrations ! 🤣 Teddy se deja consentir por los gatitos que están grandes y lindos. Felices todos 😻😻😻🥰🥰 Dora and Kitty are so relaxed and playful. It doesn’t matter if Teddy is laying next to them or on them😂. And Teddy is so cute. A big gentle fluffy boy, very patient🥰 It’s encouraging to see Teddy has made friends with your kittens our Berniese Walter is still making efforts with our adult Hemalain Bo he’s our oldest pet and think’s he’s King lol All kind of wows!! Dora cleaning Teddy, wow Kitty is big and sweet Teddy the baby of the dogs, besties with the kitties yay loved it !!🐾🐾🐾💕 At first, Kitty looked so annoyed! LOL Dora is the cutest thing cleaning Teddy. 💛 Do I have to say anything about Teddy using Kitty for a pillow? LOLTeddy is a Sweet, Sweet Teddy Bear. 💛 Awe Teddy you are the sweetest boy with those adorable kittens. ❤️ Teddy protecting his family! Beatiful Kittens! ❤❤❤❤ I love Teddy!🐻♥️♥️♥️He is so caring for the sweet well as for other creatures in your home🐰🐱🐤🦆🐾🐾🐾Bless you all!♥️♥️