German Shepherd Loyalty and Incredible Protective Instinct👼❤️🐕‍🦺

He tried to save you. 😅👍❤❤what a dog so cute love german shepherds ❤❤❤ had one too he was the best and I want more videos 😍😍The dog who “saved” the young gal in the pool deserves a steak!That first shepherd was the best dog I’ve ever seen👍 Treat he or she well!Oh, my gosh. The dog with the wiggle walk was the most hysterical thing I’ve seen in a long time. I could NOT stop laughing.We used to have a big ass GSD back home when I was young… His name was Ringo… Very loyal to our family and very protective too! My baby sister used to call him big brother 😂… Died of old age, sad.. but happy since he lived his full life! Oh my god they are all so cute I had also one but he died this year 😭 he was also so cute and my best friend 🖤❤A friend of mine had a GS and my youngest was afraid of him. He was such a gentle guy he would sit next to her to protect her from what she was afraid of. Always looking around for the threat. Lol, he never knew it was him she was scared of.My fave breed of dog. I love it when their ears grow big but they haven’t caught up with them. All the dogs and puppies in this video are all very well looked after.Love the german shepherd jumping into the pool helping the girl so sweetWow, that precious sweetheart was saving that girl from drowning in the pool, what a great babe!! ❤ all of these dogs!! ❤💙💖

Their mother is gone. We found 6 poor puppies on the train tracks.💔🙏🙏🙏

The NOBLE WORK You all do—- I have no word to describe. Many many thanks from the Soul of my 💜❤️Keep it up. DO, AS YOU ARE DOING NOW, IN THE COMING DAYS.Thank you so much for rescuing the lonely and gorgeous pups, and for giving their brave mom a dignified burial 11:14. May God bless youThank you for giving those little angels so much love, thank youThank you so much to all the kind guys to save many many precious lives🙏👍💚I bet the mother is looking down and telling those people, “Thank you for saving my babies” ❤️ Thank you ❤️😊 you walked so far to save these babies.Thank you so much!!! 💕They are so cute! I hope they get strong and healthy and find their furever homes💜Thank you for rescuing these babies, giving their mother a proper burial, and not leaving her there. Rest in Peace to their poor mother.Thank you so much for your rescuing these pups and properly burying their poor mother.Thank God for people who rescue animals and provide them with their help needed 🙏❤️ Thank you so much for saving those precious babies. It broke my heart that their momma died, probably hit by the train. God Bless you.🙏🏻❤️Thank God for people with a big heart. Well done boys!I’m very sad about the mother dogs death and there was nobody there to help her and her babies didn’t know what was happening, but at least it was quick and painless so she didn’t have to suffer, and at least her babies are safe, thank you for being absolute heroes.Thank you for rescuing and taking care of all These puppies. God will bless you.💞Thank you for helping those puppies they’re beautiful‼︎ God bless you❣️🙏

Tiny chihuahua puppy adorably teases sleepy American bulldog

Look how gentle this bulldog is 😍 just too cute for words 😍So sweet. I can almost imagine the big dog thinking: “Meh, this is no big deal. We were all young once.” ❤Such a sweet and gentle dog 🐶 love how he’s being ever so gentle with the tiny one :)He knows how tiny and fragile the puppy is.. so adorable! ❤️❤️I love how the older dog understands the young pups energy..Such a good sibling..I love how gentle he is with the tiny puppy. Just so the bell collar🥰As precious and adorable as the little guy is… I find that my heart melts at how gentle the big guy is. He is the poster boy of a gentle giant These older dogs remind me of grandparents. Too old to have that much energy but still young enough to interact. ❤❤❤This video sure brought a smile to my face!! So stinkin adorable. The bulldogs paw is almost as big as the pup and yet he was so careful with it. ThanksLove how gentle the big dog was with the harmless little Chihuahua puppy. Big guy understands the assignment.I had a pitbull and my mom had a chihuahua. The little one would always wanna play, just like that but the big dog never really cared if it bit and barked. It’s like a wind up toy vs a tonka truck, they know to be gentlethe attitude of the wee puppy is so adorable and how gentle is the bulldog he’s just want to rest but still being gentle with the pup ..How Precious!! He’s tired but yet he plays so gently with his little fur sibling!! They both are ADORABLE!!😍😍💞💞The bulldog is so gentle with the little one… How adorable, they’ll be best friends I bet ya. All the best little family 💕This somehow reminds me of a Little Rascals episode from many a year ago.The bulldog with eye patch is gorgeous.Good peaceful video!🏆

Pit bulls were once known as the “nanny dog” because they were loyal and protective when it came to staying with baby.

Seeing babies makes me all nostalgic, I know from the bottom of my heart that I want to one day make a child of my own that happy, and though I’m years off I can already say there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them.You just can’t beat seeing a loyal dog and it’s new baby friend 😍!! My Staffy is always beside my 15 month baby nephew whenever we all go out. There’s such a special bond between a dog and baby, simply beautiful to watch.I had a red nose Pit that always protected kids and babies. If he saw a kid or baby, he would go over greet and them guard them. He was very gentle with everyone. On the trail he was a fierce hunter. He passed away some years back. We miss him.Thank you for the video.Being one of those who hated pits, my wife adopted one and Roco was the best dog I ever had the honor of taking into my family. He was absolutely loving and solid as a dog could be. ♥️I love how the babies laugh at the pit bulls when their ears switch from up to down it’s hilarious to meLove my 4 year old blue nose. I have always been a dog person but never wanted a pitbull. Through a series of events I ended up owning one and it has been one of the best decisions to keep him. I have had him since he was about 5 weeks old and he is gently, energetic, loving and protective towards me and our close family 💚💚💚When I got my Pitbull puppy id never seen so much genuine love in someone’s eyes. Saved my life from suicide.These are wonderful! The dogs are so gentle and kind!! Congratulations to all the families for loving and caring for these dog family members !!!There is nothing more heartwarming than a child laughing. 🥰There is nothing better in this life then hearing a baby laugh. It just warms your heart.

4 day old goat meets 4 month old puppy and gives amazing reactions🐐❤️🐕

It’s amazing how gentle the dog tries to be. He slipped a little and almost knocked the goat down,but caught himself. I think they will be good friends…I love the adorable retriever’s crash-landings into the bed! 🤣That big bumbling puppy wants to play so bad! OMG He’s so cute and clumsy and excited. What a sweetie. Here’s hoping the little goat grows quickly and becomes a suitable playmate. :)This puppy is going to grow up to be one incredibly friendly loving dogI love how the goat is just cluelessly looking around wondering what is happening while the puppy jumps around it with a beautiful smile on its face.I love how puppies are clumsy! He’s so excited about the goat, jumping around, knocking furniture over lolI wished they had continued to make vids of these two as they got older. I can just imagine in another month or two what the two of them were like!The baby goat is like “…what’s up with this guy? I’m just born, calm down.”😄That’s pretty much how I expected a four month old puppy dog to react! Too cute!,I love when your puppers starts with the zoomies trying to play 😂😂😂That puppy is remarkably gentle and well behaved my pups would have wrestled the goat playfully but much more rambunctiously whether the goat was ready or not. This pup is playful but sweet.OMG, they are so adorable. The puppy is sooooo excited over the goat. He definitely wants to play! I think he scared the little goat a bit though. Where did you get a goat for a pet? You are so lucky.The sliding around was hilarious😍😍😍💖💖The puppy is so excited, he really wants to play with his new friend.💖LOL! That goat is adorable! He’s so cute when trying to jump a little. The look on that dog’s face while watching him is hilarious.

Confused Golden Retriever Recognized the German Shepherd Rocky on TV!

I think the German Shperard is just as perplexed as the Golden Retriver here 😅😅🥰 what sort of magic is this? Que graciosoooss , Bailey viendo a Rocky y Rocky viendose igualmente, son preciososss, me encantaaaannn 🐶🐶❤❤First time I’ve ever seen a dog actually reacting on a video or watching TV I love ItDog TV for Bailey 😁 At first he just looks and listens with great interest. And then he tries to join the conversation and responds to Rocky’s howls 👍😂❤🐾Confused Golden Retriever Recognized the German Shepherd Rocky on TV! This is Meta. Also an excellent new genre of reaction video haha, – these dogs are such a pleasure to watch!Bailey is saying this thing is full of plot holes. Love the little framed picture of Bailey.I love how he sits on his own little throne watching 😂😂😂💜💜It’s funny how dogs always tilt their heads sideways while deeply observing something. And the barking/howling afterwards… hilarious 😂😂Adorable! Rocky ha crecido con Bailey, y lo saben. Hace tanto que no los veo juntos en la actualidad…😔. Quisiera verlos juntos, y con el Gran Osito gigante de Teddy. Rocky, el Gran Capitán y Bailey, el Gran Hermano. Every golden retriever is so adorable and loving like Bailey? or do you have to train them to be like this? I’d like to have one but I don’t know if I’ll manage. I have no experience with dogs.Golden Retrievers are smart. I have one at home. Her name is Riley. So are Pitts. I had two girls who passed recently. Char and Ruo. I love and miss them.I’m sitting here watching a dog watcha dog watcha dog. And loving it. Tho I may need to look into getting a life.I’ts very funny the way the dogs are looking at the television ! ♥I think Bailey thinks Rocky looks at HIM. Bailey brings a smile to my face as soon as I SEE HIM. 😍❤

Golden Retriever and Bernese Mountain Dog Fight for Mom’s Attention

Don’t worry Bailey, there’s enough of mom’s love to go around. ❤❤Aww Bailey seems impatient about losing his mom. Don’t worry Bailey, your mom loves you very much ❤️A letter of appreciation to Bailey’s mom and dad. We enjoy seeing Bailey so much that we now have our own. He is called Barley. He too is cute like your Bailey.I love it when Bailey stops what he’s doing and barks. Two beautiful doggiesBailey wants mom for his own, including the bed. But Teddy defends his place next to her very well. Not so easy to push aside this huge, fluffy teddy bear 😂❤ Teddy’s biting on Bailey’s leg for squishing himself between mom and him. That’s so funny 😂 Bailey is such a selfish dog and Teddy is not having it. LOL!Los dos luchan por estar en primer lugar, tanto Bailey como Teddy, son para comérselos a besos y achuchones. 🥰🤗Teddy’s and Bailey both so cuddly just so adorable playing with each other. Both Teddy and Bailey are absolutely beautifulI thought it was very funny when Teddy went under Bailey so he could bite his leg. It’s nice to see Teddy play with Bailey. Those dogs are having a lot of fun here.Bailey wants all of mom’s attention. I think Teddy thinks the same. Don’t worry you guys. Mom loves you both very much and she will give you both an equal amount of attention. So cute! 🥰❤️And with their tails they scare away evil spirits, 😁🥰 their tails are like the blades of a helicopter 😂😘They are such a wonderful dogs ❤I love your channel, your content is too good 😀Bailey and all these animals have T_H_E best life!! Lucky dogs, lucky people!!😍💞💗Un video con Rocky running! Quisiera verlo correr. Semejante belleza de animal. Son unos magníficos papis de todos sus hijitos. Gracias. 🙏❤🐾❤Bailey loves his beautiful mom very much ❤️❤️

This is What a Golden Retriever does when his human Mom is Bored

Great Bailey video! Best part is 4.17 when hooman mom hugs Bailey while he has the toy in his mouth. lol 💛Bailey wants all the attention today! He loves his squeaky toy. So does my Rottie Ruby loves her squeaky toy. Those pillows you have look so comfortable. I want to take a nap there. Have a Rainbow Day if nor today then Tomorrow! Love Bailey!I love Bailey! 💜💜 I have a feline who is exactly like Bailey. He thinks he’s human and wants to participate in everything that goes on. He seems to know intuitively, even if he’s outside somewhere, when I’m sad or bored and he comes right away to interact with me. And I love that Bailey brought you his toy! Good Boy!!Bailey’s love is so pure we cannot except this kind of love with any human he can’t see his mother bore He will do all fun activity to make feel good👍I like how Bailey jumped on mom instead of the couch. Dogs are so goofy, lol! Reminds me of my black lab,so beautiful they really make you laugh 🤣❤LOL!! He looks like his attitude is “Look Mom we’re about to have fun whether you like it or not!” 😁😁I like Bailey, but his human Mom seems nice too. More human Mom included videos too please!Sweet heart❤Bailey looks like: “What’s up with her? Daddy, I think it’s time for us to motivate lazy mom.” Funny lovely dog Bailey and his squeaky hot dog. Fits👍😂Si la mamá humana de Bailey tuviera un bebé se iba a crear una ” lucha de amor “….Que todos sean bendecidos. !

Watch the doberman afraid of the toy puppy excellent reactions

I love how the stuffed toy just pops out of no where and i love the fake bark lol 😂😂😂If you wanted an aggressive guard dog, you should have gotten a chihuahua! Everyone knows that lapdogs like Doberman, pit bulls or German shepherds are going to be scared of plush toys!Her reaction is why we love dobermans. When the “enemy” was not moving there was no real threat. What a wonderful girl. They are so intelligent. If anyone knows a good breeder in California, let me know.Another reason that it’s super cute is because even though she’s obviously on alert because of the toy she still goes in between it and the humans (people she’s trying to protect I assume) and tries to “scare off” the “intruder” even though she’s scared herself. A magnificent doggoWhen I’ve tried to prank my cat with a toy cat,he looked at me like “how dumb do you think I am?” 😂 Tem nem vergonha, com medo de um cachorrinho do tamanho de nada 😂😂mas é inocente o bichinho. 😍um cachorrinho do tamanho de nada 😂😂mas é inocente o bichinhoI laughed so hard!! All my 3 dogs came running and barking, thinking there’s some dog in the house alerting of a danger or something. To funny, had to share!! Great clip!! Thank you for sharing!!I think the funniest thing about this video is that my neighbor’s dogs started barking when they heard the video barking.We Doberman owners know that since these dogs bond strongly with us, it’s a relationship that’s to be respected. I trust that these people can draw the line between play (fun) and teasing (stress,) which is important, of course. And Dobes let us know when they’re stressed! Beautiful dog.

She’s smart sure but he is an amazingly patient & supportive trainer, good on him.

This is the kind of guy I’d love to have around just to hang out with the family. He’s so chill and sweet.She’s so smart! Seeing her hide with the chair was hilarious. Not surprised at all to learn that BM was in her dna…they’re highly intelligent. It’s funny that she has two high drive working breeds in her along with two cuddle-bunny lap breeds. She definitely got the best of both.The way she looks at the guy and then pushes the treat button without looking at the button, hilarious! That is one smart dog!My dog learned how to play hide and seek too, but as the seeker. She would nose the curtains aside, push around blankets, and sniff the floor to find me. And when she did, she would start leaping, barking, and running, she was too proud! This video reminds me of her. Loved it!My dog and I are watching this together – I think she’s intimidated by Lola’s intelligence lolThis is one my favorite videos of all time! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ This video had me grinning ear to ear. What a smart, beautiful, baby. Kudos to this man for the kindness and love he obviously has for her. May God bless you both.❤😇❤😇I have never known a dog who plays and understands hide m seek! Extraordinary ❤Say what you want about how amazingly smart Lola is but without her owner encouraging her and spending so much time with her I don’t know as if she’d really have a time to shine. I give this guy a ton of credit WOW!!! I got 1000 likes, I think that’s a first for me. Thanks for playing everyone👍🏻Watching this at bedtime was a bad idea. I’m wide awake from the laughing I did. She is SO FUNNY! Well, the treat button withdrawal was serious, and I’m ashamed I laughed hard at that. And I see the bath button can also mean hide and seek, but not the other way around. We are on to you, Lola. We should see more of Lola. She needs her own channel!What a little comedian! I’m so impressed with her daddy’s interactions with her. All that one on one attention and truly enjoying his time with her… thats how you get the very best out of them.