The Cutest Classmate “Cat” – Cats are very intelligent animals

The way they rub their heads against the humans’ heads is ridiculously adorable No one owns an animal. We are their caretakers They’re best lovers and best friends. ❤😻🐾😍 I was bedridden for 3 months and my rescue cat never left my side except to eat and do his business. I love him soooo much❣️❣️❣️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful, cute and lovely Video. Send love and kisses to all these cute, adorable and beautiful cats and wish them all many happy years together with their families or owners 🤗❤️🐈🍀👍😘😍🥰😻💕🙏. All animals are the true owners of earth. We humans are invadors in thier planet….Love animals soecialy cats💖 IF YOU REALLY WANT A CAT Then get a rescue from a shelter or a friend or if you happens to find one on the street This CAT will LOVE YOU forever and will never forget that you rescued it from a situation that it was not in anyway responsible for it selves I’ve had 35+ CATS 🐈 over the years and I have never payed for one they’ve all Ben strays whit out a home And I can say whit out a doubt that all of them have been SOOOO cozy and cuddly because I’ve always been there for them And the response you get as an caretaker for these CATS is indescribable If you want a CAT get ONE from a shelter or as a stray AND YOU WILL HAVE A FRIEND FOR AS LONG AS IT LIVES And if you’re anything like me and are willing to go the distance and give them LOVE the RIGHT FOOD and HEALTH You will have a friend for many years to come Thank you for these happy sweet uplifting videos God bless you and keep you safe and meet your every need Peggy Lynn Smith from Corbin Kentucky

This is fiction This is not a movie Owner abandons her dog and walks away without a care … Then the miracle happens

As a dog owner I would like to say the guy who abandoned a dog like that makes me sick. As far as I’m concerned he had no business owning a dog like that. God bless the two women that rescued him. We need more people like that I learnt a whole lot here. Whether it was planned or not, the message here is simple: take care of people or animals in need no matter what. That beautiful dog definitely needed all the love he deserves ❤❤❤❤ thank God he’s rescued. No dog should ever be abandoned 🙏🏽I love this woman’s heart she even puts the umbrella over the dog and at one point the dog sits with her under the umbrella that’s so adorable this woman has the biggest heart ever bless her for taking care of the dog God bless these girls who rescued the poor dog, we need more people like you, angels on earth 🙏🏻 I just saw 3 wonderful reflections of the creator helping each other in all waysteaming up as a team with teamwork!the power of three…❤️❤️❤️ Dios bendiga a todos aquellos que se dedican a rescatar,amar y proteger a los angelitos peluditos… Gracias, gracias, gracias . Díos les recompensará grandemente 😥💗🙏💗 That baby is so lucky to have gotten saved that SAME DAY! Angels were definitely with him!🤗❤️ Thank God there are still some good ppl like this out there who cares about precious animals I would love to know if the guy that abandoned this beautiful baby was charged with a crime. Thank you to the two ladies that rescued this sweet pup. It is clear that the dog is nothing but a big bundle of love! Deus abençoe muito vocês por salvar esse bichinho indefeso 🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️😍😍 I don’t understand why someone would just leave their dog and drive away 😭😭😭😭. I would take this dog into my home that I rescued . I currently have a golden retriever. These are the most loving dogs . These people who do this should go to jail for life so they never do it again. i never thought that people have a huge heart ❤️❤️❤️ this actually made me cry Angels do exist, I just seen two of them 💖Such a lovely looking dog too, how could he do such a horrible thing? The sweet pup wondering what’s going on. Still wagging his tail. Their hearts are so pure.

Cats Attacking Humans Wild Cats Compilation 🐾

Fun fact: Staring / glaring at cats give them a sign of hostility, thus if they feel threatened they’ll attack. Instead, look at them with softer eyes. Blink at least once or twice gently as these are signs of affection. They’ll return you with a blink if they trust and like you enough. 😸 Our cat would slap us around all the time when we were kids 😂 but never used his claws… they’re so smart and know how to play without hurting kids Isla Blu2 ay önceI was dead laughing at the one that the lady said “stop that is rude” then start slapping each other 😂😂 Being a cat person, all I can say is if you can’t tell your cats pissed, then you deserve everything they dish out! I’ve had my cat for 6 years and he’s never behaved like this. Even when I Irritate him sometimes with kisses. He’s so chill and well mannered ❤❤ Looks like the white cat chasing the girl dressed up like Batman was just protecting it’s house from what it thought was an intruder. Good kitty I love how cats know to tuck their paws when smackin babies up… it’s giving “ I said leave me tf alone… but I don’t want to hurt you” It actually irritates me how people will just pick up and hug a cat that clearly ain’t interested in it. One of my cats likes being held but he’ll do most of the lifting himself by clinging onto my shoulder. He doesn’t want to feel grabbed and I just let him down when he wants. Loves it It does my heart good to see these cats trying to defend themselves against their tormenting and abusive humans.💕 😂 it’s the “Oh she’s not” that sent me. Don’t be fooled by the cuteness she’s crazy af type vibes. Cats are very protective of their personal space. Touching and cuddling needs to be on their terms. All of the cats in this video did a wonderful job of communicating before choosing to become aggressive/playful. The people just didn’t listen to them.

These two cute thrushes are Very Good Friends If you love animals, this option is for you.

There isn’t any thing more kool than Dogs and Cats being pals. 👍 The brown and white dog, Baldur 4:53, laying in front of the door looked emaciated. The cat on the porch is like, “Did that puppy just kick its own ass?” WOW I WOULD NEVER HAVE GUESSED WHERE TO LOOK WITHOUT THE RED CIRCLES! THANK YOU SO MUCH KIND PERSON THAT YOU HAD TO SLOW DOWN THE VIDEO AND PUT A RED CIRCLE ON EVERY CLIP!!! AMAZING EDITING BRO! Dog and cat very wonderful and very nice and very happy 🐈😻👌🐩🐩🐩🐕 What is it? This is love! That was a small crate for a good size dog. 👎🏼 I don’t think it’s funny that these people keep letting these dogs that are harassing the cats over and over again just for views. It’s not right.

Don’t miss this Sweetness and Softness 🥰 Cats and Owners are the best friends

The cat slap is prime evolution. So fast, powerful and efficient but also graceful 😂 This did make my day better. Thanks! I watched and then I realized that my big smile just flowed🙂 It’s funny how Chihuahuas are fearless against cats…and the bigger dogs are hella scared of cats…lol Los gatos son dominantes ,pero cuando ellos quieren, un cielo. 💝 Cats are lucky that aggressiveness has been bred out of almost all dogs. The cats are usually the aggressive ones and the dogs, seeing them as a part of the family, tolerate them, and, in this video, many of them get along very well and seem to like one another. I believe that cats and dogs do love each other secretly, they are fight acting in front of us just because they know that what we expect and they want to make us happy ANYTHING with puppers and kittehs in it is unconditionally guaranteed to make even MY worst day better…and THIS video is a perfect example of that!!!!!❤️❤️❤️ Few clips were funny. Some seemed cruel. However it demonstrates that cats are good boxers. I wonder just just how many of these large-dog/small-cat relationships actually end with the cat as a doggie-biscuit.😂 my oldest cat always steals my dog bed so i bought his own im happy it works bc my dog wont dare to walk past my 12 year old cat while my younger cat and dog are budies .The cats r the bossy boots 😂🥰 Can’t go wrong with a cat and dog if love too laugh because I do I love laugh and smile and these two together give you the giggles

Cats are 1 month old. Kittens named Yupi, Cola, Fanta, Pepsi and Sprite are featured in this video. These sweet drinks made fights without rules

I can’t watch this video for a long time 😻 Wish I could hold and kiss all of them! So adorable ❤❤ I just love their black toe beans! So cute! They are always well behaved and sweet to each other. Lololololol. This group seems rowdy just a smidge. Just a smidge. They are fighting like real tigers … but always with an angel mind ♥ So cute ♥ They have the cutest names I’m in love! Pepsi is my favorite 🥰 Gemeeesss lucu bgt kuncingnya 😂 i love cat ❤️ Adorable little pops 🤣💙 I just wanna hold them all. 👍🏻😍😻 I cannot tell you how much I love Cola. I give up, now Cola, Fanta and Yupi are my favs!!!’ 💕🤗❤️🥰😍😘💗Thanks for the joy!!!! Please be kind to them 😍🥺 be their mom feed them justly 🥺🥺 my eyes are watering Yupi or Fanta should be named sprite. hahah they are all so cute!!! O my goodness these itsy bitsy are so adorable it’s the best sight for sore eyes thank you for your video I love it ❤️ Your cats are soooooooooo cute! I love watching them over and over. 1 month is definitely the best age. They are getting so big. Sprite and Cola love the close up in the camera. Too cute❤ Ils sont tres beaux vos chats .Je les aime au premier regard .Felicitations. Vous aussi vous lez aimez le le ressens . There are no words that haven’t been said already. I love ❤ them all and they are a lively little bunch.Love as always 💕 ❤ They are all so adorable 🧡🧡 True work will be done with these cuties..🥰💕

‘Bubble Puppy’ Decides She’s Ready To Live In The World | The Dodo Comeback Kids

The fact that even as a young pup she understood that she needed to be in her bubble and when she needs it is so cool! Nature it wild ^^ I love it how she just jumps into her bubble This was the most wholesome thing I have ever seen, just tearing up and crying the whole time Just viewing this now on 12/29/22. I am a semi-retired human doc who is an animal-lover but not a pet owner now. The strides of veterinary medicine are incredible. I guess that Sally got her food/water initially through her NG tube before she could eat and drink on her own. It reminds me of the human advances for preemie neonates. We can now save humans and animals who would have perished in the past. BRAVO! I haven’t cried this much in a long time. Thank goodness there are good people like you and your family! Thank you! This woman’s dedication is truly remarkable. The constant monitoring and many sleepless nights, I’m sure. So happy this worked out for the puppy and her new family. What an amazing girl and such an example of perseverance and strength in both the pup and the folks who care for her! Thank you! This is the cutest thing I’ve seen all year. Hope the puppy is doing well! Well, I don’t usually just break down watching, guys, but what a challenge to keep this beautiful baby safe and help her get out into the world. I hope she continues to thrive. Thank you for working so hard for her. Wow the swimming at the end made me cheesy grin. What an awesome video full of awesome people! (and animals of course!) You all did her proud! 🙂 I think my dogs look forward to me watching these videos. They get extra attention afterwards. I don’t know how anyone can’t smile with a dog in their life. This hurts so much to see this puppy go through this because I almost died of pneumonia a year ago and I know how painful it is to not be able to breathe. Thank you for being the saving grace of this creature, you have the patience and dedication of a guardian angel❤ I have no doubt that without you to be there for her she wouldn’t have had any will to live.

Golden Retriever Puppy Wakes up his Human Mom for a Hug

That would be how I want to wake up every day ❤️🧡💛 This reminds me of being a kid a 100 years ago or so. my mother trying to wake my brother and I up for school. No way did we wanna get up and we were not shy about letting that be known. Then she got smart and started sending Gypsy the toy poodle in to wake us up. And she loved to wake us up. And we loved being woke up that way. She was the bestest ,curly haired, lil alarm clock you could ask for. How can you be mad at Gypsy. Nothing like having a puppy kiss 1st thing in the morning. 😊 Mia is the most adorable and sweet puppy girl in the world. 💚🐶🧡🐶 “Hi Mom, here I am. Ready to cuddle.”🥰Mia is the smaller version of Sweetheart Bailey. She always reminds me of Bailey when he was a pup. Lovable Goldies👍❤🐾 Wonderful way to wake up! What is more precious than hugs and 💋 😘 from our beloved furbabies!!! Love you Mia and Bailey!!! This has got to be The Best Alarm Clock In The Entire World ! Mine is almost a year old and still thinks she’s that tiny! Bailey is a gorgeous pup! No better way to wake up! You’re going to be a big pup… look at those paws!!! 🐾🐾💜 Aw, so sweet! Puppy was smiling. Animals are the best roommates.Never fight with you or argue or treat you bad.🥰🙏

Poor kitten was living his last moments on the roadside but no one came to help him!

I find it extremely difficult to understand why people could pass up any animal in distress, and offer no help. 🤯 Thank you for rescuing, an nursing Ben back to good health. ❤ Wow, I’ll never understand the people that just walk or drive past and don’t try to help. Thank God someone did something, and thank God for you guys taking him to the vet and then home to make sure he recovered. This planet needs many more people like you!!!!! ❤😸 It’s heartbreaking, I’m so glad he recovered and that there was a mother cat to nurse him. Great thanks to the heroes on this channel, you’re actions are extremely admirable. The world needs more people like you. 😺 You and your family are truly angels by fostering these beautiful creatures. I believe you’re the one that helped Ben, by firstly taking him off the street straight to the vets. I’m so happy he is ok now with his new mamma… Thank you for all you do for these beautiful cats & kittens.. 🙏 I hope you’ll post more updates about Ben and his new family. Thank you for looking after this sweet little guy. I started tearing up and hoped he would recover. Thank you for saving this precious baby. So happy that Ben has recovered thanks to your efforts! You have a very caring and gentle soul and it really brightens my day that the little boy in this video is also raised with compassion and love for animals! The world needs people who care! 😍 It’s so heartbreaking to see such a cute little animal dying on the street and nobody on the street cares just walks by. I’m so grateful to see you guys do an extraordinary work on saving his life. ❤️ This was heartbreaking to watch at first. Nothing is more sadder than a baby kitten’s meow. Thank you for saving him off the streets. I don’t know why people are so cruel to animals Thank you for saving this very beautiful little kitten from death. I hope that he is happy, healthy and safe and truly is living the very best life possible. I do hope today he is alright. Peace & Blessings to you all for saving him along with so many others.