Funny Bernese Mountain Dog Reacts to Puppy

I love how the playful puppy has no fear of his King Kong size buddy. And that Teddy is so gentle, even though he could eat the little one in 1 bite! 😁 Teddy is now gigantic! What a wonderful, awesome dog. He was so cute with the adorable puppy. 😀 Their munchies to each other is just so sweet and teddy’s ever unbothered face is a sight to see 😅 The largest breed I’ve had are Golden Retrievers, so this was so great to see!! I swear the one paw is practically the size of the pups head!! 😂 They both get an A+ !! So sweet! 👍 What’s particularly cute is that your Teddy is really still a very large puppy himself since he’s only a little over a year old. Such a cute meeting! This is special because it wasn’t spoiled by a voiceover. The video allows the watcher to enjoy a wonderful start to a friendship we hope will endure. Someone certainly picked an ideal new companion for their previous pet. Both dogs are so appealing one wants to hug them . Sweetest things I’ve seen in a long time. When Teddy puts his paw on the puppy and the puppy puts his head on Teddy’s paws, I couldn’t stop smiling. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I think this little video is one of the most moving & heartwarming animal videos I’ve ever watched on YouTube. We once had a neighbour who had a mountain dog which truly was a gentle giant. We had two ducks in our backyard and in no time at all after our neighbour’s mountain dog was introduced to them they would all play in our backyard as if we didn’t exist. The combined innocence of the puppy and the gentleness of such a big dog are wonderful to watch when they are combined. Teddy is so big and yet so gentle with this little puppy😍 That widdle puppy is just too darn cute! The gentle giant doesn’t even know how big he is, but the Burmese is just a gentle breed. The widdle puppy trusts him and can’t seem to get enough of his big, warm and fluffy body. Don’t you wish all of us could create this level of pure love and harmony? Truly, these two melt our hearts. The best I could come up with was, “Ahhhhhhh, so precious!” ✝️🙏💫❤⚘🐶🦴🐶🦴⚘❤💫🙏✝️ Thank you for sharing the love with us all. In doing so, you have lifted our souls for a few moments in time. It is a lovely Christmas gift from your heart to ours!May they both enjoy long, healthy lives. They demonstrate that size doesn’t matter, but the heart does!Blessings to all!⭐🌲🐶🦴⭐🌲🐶🦴

Golden Retriever Confused by new Puppy

OMG! I can’t believe how happy and adorable this puppy is!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ The puppy imitating Bailey by grabbing his own tail. 💛 The Cuteness is too much! 💛 Bailey: “It’s a mini me!” “I love this little clone.””Thanks mom and dad.”Bailey is King adorable and the puppy is absolutely full of cuteness and joy.♥️🐾 Guys, is there anything better than seeing that little tail wagging so fast when these puppies are good and happy…? !!! ❤🐕⚘ I love watching Baley interact with puppies. The puppy’s tail seems to have a life of its own.😂 Baley arms himself with patience in these complex cases.😂 If we could capture the energy from that puppy’s tail, we could power cities! 💓🐕 Oh my, it’s amazingly cute. Please show this to all the patients innthis world who are depressed and I guarantee their depression will be a thing of the past. With lots of love to the little junior and the confused senior. Of course Bailey takes his mentorship role very seriously. 💓 Awww ! Two cuties, lil pup and my alll time favourite Bailey. It’s such a treat for the eyes and soul to watch Bailey how gentle his behaviour is with all the animals. Big , big bro Bailey. 😘❤️ This smol baby tiny tail won’t stop wagging throughout ❤️ It must be hard to be so small and have all that energy inside ❤🙃 I can’t control myself after seeing the excessive cuteness of the sweet puppy 😍. Sooo adorable 😍 This video meets the quota for adorableness for the week! 💖💖

Golden Retriever Meets New Baby Kitten for the First Time!

I love how he just refuses to even acknowledge the presence of the kitten 🤣🤣🤣 I love how the owner is picking up that huge dog and hugging him. The kitten seems real calm but I’m sure it must be petrified of such a big dog. The dogs jealous behaviour is hilarious. Hes so loving to his daddy. Id like to see a follow up video where doggy n kitty are friends That’s the cutest golden retriever I have ever seen. The way she tugs her head into the couch is so adorable That is so funny! Bailey is such a charater. I love how he averts his gaze; Then, after a while, he looks back, sees the cat and immediately reacts, as if he thought looking away would make it disappear. LOL! Such an awesome dog! I’ve never seen a dog wanting to play, being scared and having a tantrum all in one go😂😂😂😂 At first he’s jealous and needs a big hug to reassure him that he’s still loved ❤️❤️ Bailey is jealous!He wants all the attention of his owner.” Your so cute Bailey”❤❤❤ Bailey is using denial very well. Never seen a dog use that technique.” Ok, I am not gonna look at this thing and maybe it will go away!” I personally have, however, masterd denial in my own life. God job Bailey! This is the cutest, sweetest, and funniest video I’ve seen in a long time! Absolutely adorable! I have not laughed so much in days… 😂😂 oh man… I literally had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard 😂🥰🥰 poor Bailey. The kitten must have been like, “Calm down doggo! Chill” Lovely video! Poor Bailey is so jealous of the cute little kitten! But his dad is so loving to him and trying his best to make Bailey and the kitten friends😊

Baby Kittens think that the Golden Retriever is their Mom🐕💗🐈

Kittens: You’re our Mommy!!🐈🐈🐈🐈🐾🐾🐾🐾❤️❤️❤️❤️Bailey: I don’t remember having puppies!!! How long was I asleep!!??🐾🐾🐕❤️ They’re all going to be such good snugglers when they get older, purrfessionals in cuddling ☺️ I just love Bailey. Such a wonderful dog. A heart of gold. He wouldn’t hurt al fly So patient. Kitties are looking for something to eat lol Bailey is such a sweetheart with those kittens. Even though he’s not the mom he just lets them do whatever. That’s the joy of having a golden retriever. They are so sweet and gentle. And they always seem so happy. After seeing this, Bailey ought to be a daddy to his own pups (if possible) as he has such a gentle, kind personality. He has already developed the parenting skills with these sweethearts. I love the way he loves them too. If he can’t be a natural dad he’ll be a great foster dad. Bailey is so loving and gentle The kittens are so cute ❤️🤗❤️🤗 And what a great Mom Bailey is 😉. Thanks for this video – made me smile 🙂 There will be no other like Bailey. He is such an entertaining, adorable, patient dog. I’ve never seen a such a character like him. Just lovely 🥰 kitties are searching for food 😸 but Sweetheart Bailey only can offer his warm, fluffy and cosy fur. And, of course, a place near to his body for cuddling. Good boy👍🥰❤🐾 I want to enter through my phone screen and hug them allThis is so pure

🐕Let’s be friends or I’ll bite you! 🐈

Excellent selections and composition. Nothing like cute and funny animals to start my day off with the warm fuzzies and hopefully keep it going by spreading the love throughout my day. Thank you for sharing, Thumbs up! The dog covered in stickers is hilarious…cheered me up for the whole day. ❤ The poor dogs covered in stickers that was funny and the cat sitting up on the wooden panels looking so cool great video so entertaining thanks They break any possible things on their reach but never break 💔 they are chubby choos 😊❤️❤️🐕🍫🍫 this video had me as soon as the dog jumped in the pile of leaves LOVED this pets 😍😍 very FUNNY video heheehehee 🤣🤣 , a hug from mini yorkie Yoshi au au 🐶🐶🐾🐾 ils sont tous tres mignons ses animaux de claudette bordeleau.😽💥 i always feel a tinge of anger when i see people letting their pets tear up their house or steal their food from the table. DISCIPLINE! Dog covered with stickers stuck to hair?? Surely this means pain when stickers are to be removed??

Cats know how to calm down and tune in to everyone around them.

Oh my goodness cuteness overload ❤❤ I am in love with all these babies ❤❤❤ I want all these babies ❤❤ Animals know how to live better than humans, they have a conscience, they have understanding, they are different from ours, but humans have that greed and carelessness that they don’t know but… THEY HAVE NO BAD INTENTION. Ohnoh my my…so much laughing…smiling😅😊 feel so much lovelyfeelings….Thank you….really funand….so much wonderful..💕❤😘 Wonderful friendship…strange but it’s real….👍✌I got a dog that I just love like crazy and 3 yrs after getting it I found out that her parents had another liter so I got one of her baby sisters for her to hang out with and what not. They hate each other. THANK YOU FOR SHARING♡♡♡♡ I love your videos.They can play and fight,. But, still care for one another when all is over💕😸😻🧠✌🐶🐈🐕🇺🇸 They try so hard to get along but there is cat and then there is dog there is Us and there is Russia sorry my brothers and sisters If we end up fighting I’m truly sorry i never wanted this Don’t let the dogs harass the cats! Not cute!

Have you ever seen such a crowded food queue?🐶🍖🍗🥩🐕

The end hit me 😂 the other one who lifted his paw and relaxed on his friend Judging by how healthy the dogs look, I’m pretty sure this isn’t the only way they feed their dogs.I’m assuming this is just a part of their tourist attraction show, and the dogs get the rest of their meal afterwards.Good to know that they are getting raw fed instead of disgusting kibble. The one dog at the end that just walks up and pisses on the other has me rolling ! LMFAO This gives a whole new meaning to YOU AIN’T NOTHIN BUT A HOUND DOG! lol All the dogs belong to which breed 🤔🤔 but anyway thanks for sharing this video 📸 and it really seems that the dogs are hungry from so many days and so many years 🤣😅😂 thanks for this lovely and great video 👍🤗☺️I just hope everyone got some thing to eat :/ always get worried like an old grandma “did you eat enough today?” Lol Looks like humans aren’t the only ones waiting for them Black Friday discounts. Petco’s the plug 🔌 Tem uns que estão tristes e magro , são mas tímidos, demora pra ir comer , e ficam sem se alimentar 😂 Bonjour, j’ai une question.Vous nourrissez vos chiens avec de la viande de quelle enceinte ? (ex: lidl, aldi, norma, E.Leclerc) et également cette viande est acheté dans le magasin ou au drive ?Dans l’attente de votre réponse,Tendrement,Thomas. they have to spread it well…some are not even getting their share 😢 I love beagles.I had two so far.I lost my Barney right before last Thanksgiving.He was 15,and very sick.I want a new beagle to love They all look really healthy. You don’t see any ribs on any the dogs.

Newborn puppy is struggling to find a way to suckle the mother’s nipple

That is a LOUD barking noise your 1 day old puppy has 🥳 ha ha ha It is not a voice over right 🙏 The puppy is the size of the mama dog’s tongue Momma dog doesn’t sound good to me. Where is some comfortable bedding for and her baby? GIVE more comfort ti the puppy.He nerds a confortabile bed and a carpet and cushions Pretty loud for a tiny pup. He doesn’t have to fight to get milk either, he’s all alone.

The adopted kitten meets other kittens Willie and Coco and their mother, a cat.

Sweet kitties! Love you so much❤🤍☺ Aww poor baby can’t drink milk, the other kittens are blocking her way.😞🥰 Give all these sweet babies a zillion views, love them all so much all of these babies r so precious !!!!!😍😍😍 Kira is a really very cute ❤ and the others are cute too… ❤ Adopted kitten is just so cute and lovely 😻😻😻Thank you for this extremely beautiful video. The mom cat is very good natured.Hey we Hve a new member of the family guys, let’s Hve some fun ok! It’s play time. Nice video the more the merrier . more love. One big happy family. God bless them all They’re little sweethearts 💗💗💗 Every Kitten grows up. The name is the ‘Kitten’ channel, but as all the cats now started at Kitten, I hope this channel shows their lives throughout. The playlist is already classified. It’s strange to have Street on the Puppy channel. 😍😍They are so cute, lovely angels. I love cats and those who love them 😻😻Every day I try to do something for the cats, feed the stray cats, find new homes for them and neuter them.I dream of a world where stray cats will live happily.I will spread this all over the world 🙏🙏🙏

Golden Retriever Sees Kitten for the First Time and Is Incredibly Responsive and Adopted

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful, heartwarming and touching Video and Story. The Golden Retriever and the kitten are both so cute, adorable and beautiful and so lovely together. Send love and kisses to both and wish them all the best, all the luck and many happy years together with their family full with joy and love. God bless them all 🙏🙏❤️❤️🐕🐈🍀👍😻🐶😘💕💕🙏🙏. This was so beautiful I started crying.Why can’t us as humans be more like this ??The world would be a better place Not surprising coming from a Golden Retriever, specially a female with maternal instincts. You can expect nothing but love from her, such a tender breed. Golden Retrievers, female or male, make the best foster moms for kittens. They absolutely love and protect them. Very nice freind relationship, i like the facial expressions of Joey the cat, so expressive. Happy to see Joey turns to adult cat by now.👍 Oh, what a perfect Lovestory with this two treasures of animals 😸 🐶 ♥! My dog ate my cat my cat’s literally stepping on my back right hounded and my dogs literally sleeping on my legs love that they bonded, agree with ‘De Lospalotes’ no need for the sickly sweet editing. Not a complaint, honest. the dog is Russian.kitten europe