Our Cute Dog Nanny to Our Little Baby👼❤️🐕

That last dog was incredible. Even when the kid gave the bone back, he made sure to be very cautious how he took it back. São anjinhos na terra! Criança e cachorro dois seres inocentes e iluminados.❤️❤️❤️🙏 Melts ur heart completely. Probably their love for the children is as same as the parents 💓💓 You know it’s like these dogs are protecting the babies like their own puppies isn’t that just cute and adorable That’s the dogs saying “this is my new human, gotta protect it” I love dogs. Dogs make us feel at ease, don’t they Dogs are extremely caring and playful with the babies. Very cute collection. 🐕🐕🤶🤶❤ Now these parents are doing it right!!! Spent the time and love to raise there dogs right, no doubt there children will be great people! BRAVO, Beautiful Having a dog is always good the dogs Always when you come home sad the The dogs will always be with you To make you happy, I love dogs even though I do not have one 😔

Ginger kitten’s first meeting with the cat🐈 Will she feed him or not?

This broke my heart. Just seeing him not being accepted by the mom cat or the sibling and seeing him shaking with fear has me in tears. You can literally see the hurt in his face. It’s fascinating to see how differently they are reacting to the little intruder. Two were openly hostile, while the third one seemed just curious This is how a lot of adopted children feel exactly like this cat! All they want is love! The little one looked so confused and scared. He probably thought that his mama didn’t want him but didn’t know why. My heart was hurting for him This was a little painful to watch, but knowing Joanna’s maternal instincts took over finally…. she probably smelled the other mom cat. Sweet orange boy just needed love❣🐾🐾❤

Mama Dog Reunited with her Stolen Puppies… She is Crying from Happiness

It’s good to know that there are still some good people on this Earth. I just can’t believe that these poor puppies were just dumped, just sickening! It’s strange how some people never consider the feelings of animals. That mother must’ve been breaking her heart for days. Well done for getting them back together The moment she realized those pups were her babies made me start crying 😭😭😭 They were sooo happy to see Mama. This is a beautiful moment! The people that helped the mother dog with her puppies are the best kind of people you can find in the world. Thank you so much to that couple for being so kind, generous and caring. There’s a special place in my heart for those who go above and beyond to ensure animals are happy and safe. God bless you all!❤️❤️❤️ This made me cry. How are people so heartless? Anyone else surprised and impressed by the condition of the guy’s shop? I absolutely respect the hell out a person and can take less-than-stellar conditions, and make them shine. Much respect. At first I wasn’t to sure about “the neighbor took them” but, after seeing what kind of people they are, I’m quite sure they’re being truthful. Anyone who hates animals to such an extent as to completely separate a mother dog from her children, is someone you should never trust. Hats off to these people for rescuing them and reviving the powerful bond between a mother and her children. You guys deserve endless support and love from everyone. Thank you for making this world a better place.

Adorable Dog Is Obsessed With His New Baby Brother! (Cutest Ever!!)

Phil is madly in love with his new baby brother. He has to be wherever he is and watching over him, he’s concerned if he ever hears a noise he has to go and investigate! Nathan doesn’t know yet the special bond he’ll have with his furry siblings but it is just so whoolesome to watch this love story play out. Phil is so eager to be close, protect and watch over his siblings, he’s our angel in disguise. This compilation of Phil looking after Nathan had tears running down my eye. Phil is an absolute angel such a unique soul❤️❤️❤️ Both Phil and Milo really understand that babies are lovable. I guess all the other brothers are following in Phil’s and Milo’s footsteps. Seeing this scene of them really heals my heart. That little bed that you put Nathan in is so cute. I’ve never seen a bed that small before. I absolutely love how all your fur babies are so protective over their human siblings. It’s so Endearing. Love and well wishes to your entire family. ❤️ Phil laying with baby Nathan and his paw 🐾 on the blanket plus Nathan and Amelia sleeping together with Phil right there his paw again on the blanket 💙 This simply got my HEART ❤ ♥!!! What a Super Adorable vlog!!!! Joan ❤❤ You can tell the human baby instinctively knows the fur baby is a friendly one bc when Phil comes to ensure he’s okay while sleeping he doesn’t so much as flinch Phil is adorable. He is a blessing to his family. I love seeing how protective he is of Nathan and Amelia. Thanks for sharing your videos with us. Seeing these videos makes my day. Thank you. 😊 Everyone knows little ones need a nice warm Philly Bear to cuddle with.Sure, some of the fuzziness has worn off from him being loved by others before, but he still has tons of love to give. Phil is the most precious caring baby minder ever, my heart does flip flops of love for Phil every time i see him, but watching him with the baby and Amelia is so special.💓💓💓 If Niko is a mother hen, then Phil & Milo must be father hens! All so loving & protective of their young charges. Teddy is too, but he’s taken the laid back approach, not taking anything too seriously (maybe because of his young age?). Yet you know he will have your back in a second, should you need him, without even asking him to protect you. Sweet precious PhillyBear ❣️. He always enjoys the company of your beautiful children. Phil is the perfect watch guard‼️ Oh Phil your adorable with your baby brother watching over him with ya big bear paw and he is a very special dog ❤️🐶🐶🐶🐶 Awe so cute. Poor Phil is he in any pain or discomfort with his condition. I love your family especially Phil. I follow Lord Sherpa. I saw the video when Phil met Sherpa.

Cat meeting the puppies for the first time.

It’s hilarious how the dog is copying and learning from the cat! The dog is swatting him like he was a cat! the cat meeting Marley & Luna for the first. Just a day later they are already playing with each other. I love how cats and dogs immediately recognize a baby no matter the species, and how cautious and then protective the act when they are around them. It’s adorable how they’re each trying to play with the other in their “native language”. With dogs, it’s using your mouth and teeth. With cats, it’s using your paws. Neither one understands why the other isn’t following the script 😀 What a lovely, well-behaved cat. 😍 Seems like he just wants to get a good sniff, but the puppy won’t stay still long enough! 😁 That cat has such a great personality! I love watching full grown cats playing with puppies! It’s like watching a tiger playing with a human. Love how the cat’s paws are being used, but with no claw involvement. Just a soft “thwap thwap” on the puppie’s head, lol. Aww you can really learn the differences here between the hype, energetic and playful dogs and wise and picky cats, each has its own style We adopted my daughters lab when she outgrew their house. We live in the country and she turned out to be a great watchdog. I had taken her outside to do her thing when a little kitty wondered up from nowhere. I watched closely and Flutter (named by my Granddaughter) was curious about the little kitten, not at all aggressive. The little kitty (Missy), adopted us. She sits on a chair and grooms Flutters ears. They truly love each other and I love to watch them together. 💕

How an experienced dog mother teaches her 8 weeks old puppies to be calm.

can’t belive i’m taking parenting advice from a golden retriever Wow even puppies can have self-control with the right authority. She wants to enter the puppy room in peace but her puppies are too excited. She also wants to teach them to stop drinking milk anymore. When the puppies are getting calm Rosalie starts taking care of them. With this behavior she teaches them that the only way to success (in this case being together with the mother) includes a calm energy level. I love how the Mom looks at the camera man for a second after barking. Like “sorry about them, they have no manners” Everyone is all happy and cheering the mama dog (rightly so) and then as soon as they hear you raise your voice with your child they would be the first call child protection services They desire instant gratification. She’s teaching them to have patience and self-restraint. These are invaluable qualities that far too many humans fail to teach their children. I thought this was a really good dogy.training especially for new puppy owners. It had been awhile since I last raised a puppy and wanted to do it better this time with less frustration (puppies are hard!) All of the techniques and suggestions for training were spot on. Love how the pups just quietly scatter trying not to draw any attention to themself.Like one of your siblings is being yelled at, so you stay quiet and out of the picture not to get into the crossfire. My childhood dog was a first time mum, for the first week the instant one made a sound she ran to them, she wanted to sneak off and spend time with us but couldn’t. Eventually she barked at them, they went quiet, they knew she was close and shut up, the look on her face was WHAT that worked. An excellent video. Mom giving fantastic Meditation class to her puppies. Calm ” feel” lesson: OK to be Quiet, Wait, Sit till your Peace, the feel comes in. *♡ ~ Awww and they still wanted to come close to Mama♥️ we love you babies but us mamas gotta establish some ground rules♥️ I love how after she scares them straight she goes over to each of them to make sure they’re all ok 🤣 NGL she scared me too lol

Surprised my wife with a golden retriever puppy for Christmas

The day after her dog passed away, I surprised her with a new puppy for Christmas. She was overwhelmed with emotion. I love how the puppy is so chill about all this.“Picking me up? Fine. Hiding me behind a card? Ok, cool. New owner huh? She seems nice.” Most guys will only dream of having a girl who seems so genuine. Good on you man. Wish you both the best! Dogs are life-changing. The best thing we’ve ever done as parents, was adopt a dog from a shelter for our daughter. The impact and sheer joy added to her life by making that one decision, can’t be put into words. Awww I love how she was worried that she scared him (I don’t think she did, that puppy seemed chill af). I can tell she’s turned out to be a great dog mommy during these years 😀 Omg. The way the puppy starts licking her hand almost instantly almost made me cry. It’s like it knew it could trust her to take care of it. So cute! This is so heartmelting! I love how the puppy is just chilling in the husband’s hands before the reveal. You see him react to the wife’s voice, and then the way that he just seems to melt into her with the cuddles! So cute! I love how the puppy went from being confused/scared to licking her to comfort her in just a minute. Dogs are truly precious and the love they show is so beautiful. What makes this even more adorable is that she looks like a nurse or med student of some sort, so she probably had a long day at work, for her to have this surprise when she got home 😊 When you want to delay the first child for a few more years. Classic.

Golden Retriever and Babies Compilation

In this cute golden retriever and baby video, tune in to see some precious and hilarious moments between dogs and babies. What is your favourite clip? Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos! I got a Golden and trained him so many years ago. Really intelligent. No, REALLY intelligent. So loving, not an aggressive bone in his body. But as always, we outlive them. Miss my buddy. The baby and the dog are both lovely. I’m very worried and nervous about how the baby and the dog would feel when they first meet, but this dog takes good care of the baby.^^ I am a golden retriever girl until the day I die. They are truly angels sent from heaven. I am grateful every minute of every day for my girl. She is the absolute best thing that ever happened to me! ❤️❤️❤️ Some family of mine had a golden retriever and when their grandchild was just born it stayed over at their house a lot (both parents working, that kind of thing) but during a party or just a visit when the baby’s parents were also there, one time the baby made a loud noise during sleeping (probably beacuse of a dream) and the dog who had been laying down at the other side of the living room immediately jumped up, walked towards the crib to check things out. After walking back and forth around the thing for about 3 times and the parents didn’t immediately respond he went over to them trying to get their attention like “Hey, your baby called for you! Come on, walk with me, I’ll show you!” (the parents had just learned to not immediately give their baby attention upon a first noise but wait a while because it’s sometimes just a cry because of a dream, which, well, confused the dog :P). I’m a veterinarian, and golden retrievers are my Favorite I even have two of them and I know it’s all sweet but new born babies could catch skin diseases, bacterial infections and most importantly and serious of all lifelong lung allergies… My friend a Pediatrician once received a very chronic case related to this… FOR older kids it’s alright but please please be careful with smaller kids..

Beware as you can have a heart attack!❤️🐱 Either because it’s too cute or scary..

Cats, beautiful by nature !!! So, why groom? 😍 Sometimes brushing is not enough and the cat does not always collaborate, after all we are talking about cats! Free by nature !!! Although they have their ritual of cleaning through licking, this is not always enough, they will soon have hair ball vomiting, right? So every now and then we need to give them a little help, this is where the grooming comes in, complete or just hygienic, super important for the health of these beauty! And as we are talking about cats, temperamental beings and that can get stressed when they are away from home, it is super cool that you have a PET SHOP where there is a space just for them, away from dogs and with trained professionals to take good care of these cute cats ! World’s cattest cat. 😅 “Uhmmm I like this shower thing but I’m still angry”, “Yeah, right there, pet me right there but that doesn’t mean I’m not angry anymore” I’ve watched this video about 3 times today. This cat is my favorite client. I remember him or her from a previous video as well. The poor baby is so angry about being groomed, but you can tell he or she is a total sweetheart. Look how calm he or she is when being bathed. That is a sure sign that the cat is really lovely. Most cats would GO CRAZY in a bath, but this particular cat is calm. This is one “mean” cat that I wouldn’t mind holding. Respect to the groomer! ❤️ It takes a lot of patience & gentleness to groom a cat, especially one that tries to eat your fingers, scratch your flesh off & harasses you with hisses, lol 😆

Man gives up this deaf dog. It was the best thing that happened to her.

I’m very used to being around deaf people and am now losing my own hearing. I’ve known Sign Language for decades and wear hearing aids. Deafness is not something that should stop anyone from living a a full life, including an animal. My first reaction to the video was to think of ways to work with the puppy. The owners are doing that so beautifully! It was a joy to watch! You posted this video 4 minutes ago and for 4 minutes of the video tears rolled down my face with such happiness for this amazing beautiful dog and for all the love, training and patience you and your family have given her. Thank you for letting us all see how beautiful these animals are no matter if they are deaf or blind and any obstacles they must endure. ❤❤❤❤❤ I had a dog that went blind at 6 and at the end of his life (15) went deaf. There are ways to communicate and I always tapped the floor and let him sniff me so I didn’t scare him. This video made me cry. Please for each bad, uncaring person let there be at least one good one. My current pocket pit is only 5 and has spinal issues, no cartilage in her hips and knees and aortic stenosis (a heart disease) She is the happiest most loving dog I’ve had. The man who gave up those beautiful puppies is the one who is blind. He couldn’t see the potential and the special life that these puppies had waiting for them. Thank you for being awesome and giving her a good loving forever home and a life with a family that will love her forever. Peace and love to you and your family 💗❤️💗❤️ What a great story! Dogs are full of life and love if only everyone can know this. It’s rewarding to have an animal and such a blessing. So glad you saved her life. ❤ she is safe in your hands. My deaf/visuallly-impaired baby is 14. Just as sweet as the day we got him. He was dumped at the shelter from a back-yard breeder. He is also a double-dapple. My baby is almost totally blind now from cataracts. He has been attacked 3 times from dogs not in our family, because he doesn’t see/hear proper dog manners between dogs. So we learned to be very careful which dogs he meets. He is such a blessing!